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Tech Employability Program

Capacity building & training activities for technology & computer science graduates & professionals


  1. High-tech skills training – to address skills gaps
  2. Soft skills training
  3. Internship towards job placement
  4. Direct job placement

In addition(on-going):

  • Connections or linkages to opportunities that will help junior programmers accrue professional experiences (e.g., Internships, remote placements) & may lead to later income generation or employment.
  • Workshops, trainings, bootcamp intensives, & mentorship on ‘deep tech’ topics, such as AI, Data Science, mobile application, & robotics, or building expertise in niche areas.

Tech Savvy | in partnership with PITA funded by the World Bank through F4J

  • A flexible & customized career accelerating program aiming to support unemployed recent Palestinian ICT graduates & transitioning tech professionals
  • Get the right high-tech jobs through upskilling to better meet the needs of local & international job market
  • The program consists of job-specific soft & technical skills training, internships, job placement & mentoring services to enable participants to be hired in high-tech roles.