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JHF is a Jerusalem High-Tech community-based grassroots organization.

    Our Mission

    JHF is on a mission to support the sustainable development & growth of the high-tech sector, entrepreneurship & community in Jerusalem;
    by engaging students, professionals, industry experts, & expats through programs & activities that are widely-accessible & highly-collaborative; &
    that facilitates a creative collision of ideas & experiences, encourages collaboration, openness & trust, exposure to emerging world challenges, & fosters a culture of innovative entrepreneurship.

    Our Vision

    East Jerusalem becomes a high-tech destination competing at the global level & empowered by a dynamic, collaborative & thriving community.

    Board Members

    Meet our Professional and Expert Board Members

    JHF Board Members

    Heba Jaber
    Enterprise Account Technology Strategist-Microsoft
    Yara Asad
    Private Sector Dev. -World Bank
    Raja' Khader
    Development & Proposals-Alquds University
    Hazem Khattab
    Co-Founder & Chairman-JHF
    Sari Taha
    Co-Founder & Principal Consultant-Momentum Labs
    Majdi Haj Khalil
    Economic Growth, Investment & Institutional Development-Clara Consulting
    Mazin Safadi
    Co-Founder & Senior Software Specialist-AT&T
    Khalid Haddad
    IT Manager-Maqased Hospital
    George Khadder
    CEO-Sun Bird Group
    Muawyah Akash
    Chief Solution Architect-ASAL
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